Friday, August 21, 2009

Most Coveted B-schools to Pursue an MBA

The six IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) are the most aspired for and reputed institutes in India, and so are the courses offered by another dozen or so leading schools. All of them have an excellent track record in offering high quality education, and students from these institutes get the pick of corporate and management jobs directly from campus.

Pegasus's B-School Ranking

To simplify your B-school selection we have categorized India's top B- schools into eight clusters. The list of B-school in India can go on forever, however, we have tried to limit our classification to the better and more known B-schools.

Note, as you proceed from the best to the also-rans, the level of differentiation between both the schools and the clusters significantly diminishes. When reviewing B-schools within a cluster, the preference generally diminishes as you read further from top to bottom. For example, in Cluster 1, we feel that IIM-A is the best B-school in India at present, followed by Bangalore, Kolkata and so on. In certain clusters, the differentiation on the quality of the institute is specialization-driven, and the top to bottom reading is not necessarily representative.

Before taking final admission into any of these B-schools, please ensure that you speak to some students of the current batch and a few of their alumni and visit the websites of the institutes for detailed information. Apart from these premier institutes, there are several other colleges that offer an MBA degree - if you want more details, please write to us at

Pegasus ranking methodology

The parameters on which B-schools are judged and ranked, keeping in mind what each offers the student and how these facilitate education are:
Placement records of the last three years

Infrastructure: school and learning environment
Geographical location: proximity of B-schools to business hubs
Entrance exams applicable
Interaction with alumni
Interaction with Career Launcher students now studying at these B-schools
Career Launcher also visits these campuses as a recruiter, and the input from our HR team helps us evaluate these institutes better.

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